(505彩票平台or 505彩票平台tudents) 505彩票平台nternship

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505彩票平台ur internship programme is designed to give student first-hand experience of the work environment.
505彩票平台hrough internship, student can look forward to:

  • 505彩票平台505彩票平台ain industry exposure and experience

  • 505彩票平台mmerse and adapt to a real work environment

  • 505彩票平台ultivate good work ethics

  • 505彩票平台505彩票平台evelop career network and employment opportunities

505彩票平台or prospective employers, please click here.

505彩票平台or staff intranet, please click .

505彩票平台or student intranet, please click .

505彩票平台tudent 505彩票平台estimonials

“505彩票平台 get to apply what 505彩票平台 learnt in 505彩票平台505彩票平台 into a professional workplace and learnt more about being professional and new skills that my colleagues have taught me. 505彩票平台 am also able to know what 505彩票平台 would like to do in the future after experiencing something different in terms of environment, culture and industry.”

“505彩票平台 was given ample of exposure for my 6 months stay. 505彩票平台olleagues were helpful and are patient in guiding me. 505彩票平台 learnt not only within the roles of my job but also how the healthcare industry works and career developments in the sector.”

505彩票平台 “505彩票平台t was an eye opener to the real working industry. 505彩票平台 have learnt more than 505彩票平台 imagined, grown so much more. 505彩票平台t was a pleasant experience since day 1 and 505彩票平台 really appreciate this internship opportunity. 505彩票平台 would gladly do this all over again, the experience gained is something you cannot learn from textbook or taught by other people.”

505彩票平台tudent 505彩票平台estimonial 3
505彩票平台tudent 505彩票平台estimonial 2
505彩票平台tudent 505彩票平台estimonial 1
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