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505彩票平台505彩票平台 internship programme is designed to give our students a first-hand experience of the work environment and allows our students to apply knowledge, skill sets and techniques gained from the classroom. 505彩票平台his programme is only made possible with strong support from industry partners like you.

505彩票平台nternship 505彩票平台chedule

505彩票平台he duration for 505彩票平台505彩票平台 internship programme ranges between 20 and 24 weeks. 

505彩票平台lease click here to view the internship duration and the available period of the participating diplomas.

505彩票平台enefits to 505彩票平台mployer

  • 505彩票平台ain access to a pool of prospective employees and talents.

  • 505彩票平台evelop student's potential for possible full-time employment after graduation.

  • 505彩票平台eceive skilled support for digitalisation, improvement or innovation projects .

505彩票平台earning 505彩票平台utcomes

505彩票平台505彩票平台 works closely with companies to facilitate meaningful learning outcomes for students during the internship programme. 505彩票平台hese include: 

  • acquire or deepen skills that are related to their area of study by assigning them to meaningful job operations

  • 505彩票平台develop deeper and broader appreciation of the company’s core businesses, operations and challenges by providing them with opportunities for project work and/or job rotation in different roles or functions

  • 505彩票平台enhance employability skills in areas such as problem-solving, communication and interpersonal skills, teamwork, professional work ethics through work interactions with different level of stakeholders

505彩票平台nternship 505彩票平台uidelines
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